How About We CP?

**EDITED TO ADD-I've found two amazing readers! Thanks for looking!**

Hey there, thanks for clicking over to read about what I'm looking for in a critique partner! You? You're awesome.

Brevity's not really my bag, so I'll get straight to it!

  • Writes romance. Pretty much any sub-genre (including YA) except inspirational. Nothing against it, I just don't read it and therefore I probably wouldn't be the best match. I write contemporary romance with a milder heat level. I'd say if you've read a Kristian Higgins book, you get what I'm talking about. If that means nothing to you, I wouldn't classify my books as "sweet" but not explicit either. Not that I would mind critiquing books with a sweet or super hot heat level. This girl loves all manner of kissing books!
  • Has critique experience. You either already have a CP, or have been critiquing for a hot minute.
  • Is looking for a long-term partnership. You're looking for someone to help you now, but someone to clink glasses with five years from now at RWA.
 If you've read that and this is you now...

  I get it. I totally do. It's a commitment to be a critique partner. So!
  • We can beta for each other! I'm willing to read for pretty much any genre except middle grade and hard sci-fi. Again, nothing against the genres, I just don't read them. Outside of romance, I read a lot of YA fantasy.
  •  You need eyes on your query, first chapter, etc? Yep, I've read mine so many times the words are starting to slide together. We can read for each other without the commitment!
  • My only request is critique experience. You don't have to be a master wielder of the red pen, but I would prefer someone who has been to the rodeo, if you catch my drift. That said, if you're a newbie who needs an extra set of eyes on your work, reach out anyway. I'd be happy to help how I can!

  •  I've been critiquing a long time. A LONG, LONG TIME. I've read for lots of people over the years. No one cursed my existence after so I must be pretty okay. :nervous laughter:
  •  If you haven't guessed by the amount I've blathered on so far, I take critiquing seriously. If we read for each other, expect a LOT of notes. Not all bad, but don't freak out when you get those first pages back.
  • I one hundred percent love helping other writers make their books better. Seriously, I get excited when I get pages and generally start working right away!
You read all that and you're still here?

If you want to know more about my book, hop back a post to read my #pimpmybio. If you want to talk more, you can leave a comment below or reach out to me on twitter! Let me know a little about you, what you're looking for & about your book! 

Thanks for reading!