Long Time No Blog

I've neglected this little blog. Heck, I've neglected most of social media lately. My reasons are two-fold. One, that I've been very busy. Writing is humming along in the background. I'm getting ready to query again. Those things take priority-especially at this stage in my career.

Secondly, well, I've just replaced social media with other interests. In addition to my art, and other interests, I've taken up cross-stitching, and I'm dipping my toes into other creative outlets that have nothing to do with writing.

Not that this blog has a huge readership or anything, but I can't promise that the updates will be as frequent going forward. Blogging, like a lot of social media, had started to become a chore for me. Of course when it (hopefully) comes time to kick up my presence as my career kicks along, I'll be ready and willing to do so. But for now? I'm kind of enjoying living like a social media hermit while I focus on what matters-the writing.