Creative Collaborations

In the last year, I've taken on new creative hobbies. I love my planner, organizing my life with creative stickers, and the like. I love art, coloring and paper crafting. All of these hobbies needed to have a home.

My husband acquired a new hobby of his own within the last eighteen months, woodworking. When I told him I wanted a craft table, he insisted on building it. Yes, it would have been cheaper to drive to IKEA to pick something up, but I'm so happy with the result.

We kept the top plain wood, with a finish on it to protect it from the inevitable paint splatters. I painted the cubbies and drawers with chalk paint. I learned a massive lesson there-chalk paint is wonderful for furniture with a primer, or that's already finished (I painted our guest bath vanity earlier this year) but it is pretty much terrible for unfinished plywood. I went through so many damned little jars of the stuff! It was a pain, but I do love the look. I stenciled the drawer fronts and distressed them to give it an older look. It didn't come out exactly as planned, but I'm still fond of the look.

I also spent time collecting art pieces and working on a few of my own for a gallery wall to go over the craft desk. This project forced me to let go of my perfectionism, big time. I fussed over which prints should go up, before I realized that it wasn't like they had to stay up forever. As my skills improve over the months, I may get tired of more amateur works. But for now, I'm so happy with how it looks.

This was the first of many creative collaborations with my husband. That bookshelf next to my desk will be going, replaced with a standing desk sometime next year. We're also planning out new furniture for our living room.