Summer Goals

During the year, I tend to set monthly goals. A few things I'd like to accomplish that month. Maybe the summer reminds me of my childhood, when my mother would set up goals for us to continue our education, or the summer reading programs I'd try to "win", but the summer always seems like the perfect time to set attainable, short-term goals.

I figured I'd share them here to help hold me accountable. These are things I want to accomplish by September 1st.

-Read at least ten books. This used to be nothing for me. I'd read ten books in a month! I have less time to read now that I have a busier life. I'm writing more, I have other hobbies pushing for my attention, and well, to be honest I'm just a pickier reader. My local library has a summer reading challenge for adults. I've debated signing up for years, but this year I did it.

-Broaden my horizons for arts & crafts. I've dabbled in watercolors, marker drawings, even coloring. I want to start making more craft and art projects to decorate my new craft area, which should be completed sometime in July. I want to create art pieces for the gallery wall in my office. Start making more elaborate cards for loved ones. I'm even considering FINALLY finishing my wedding scrapbook. We've only been married six years in September!

-Spend Less Summer. We're setting goals to spend less. I already monitor our daily spending in my planner. That helps keep both me and my husband accountable. Because it's those little expenses that add up and can throw a wrench into your budget!

-Get out of the house more. I'm the first to admit I'm a homebody. I want to walk on the trails in our county's local parks. Go out to dinner. I live near a quaint college town with a beautiful downtown area. I really do have to force myself to go out more!

-Cultivate a meditation practice. Yeah, I know that sounds new-agey. But if I'm to be honest, my anxiety has been with me a bit more closely than I'd like. Most days I'm fine. But those days when I'm very much NOT fine, I want to find a coping mechanism to help. I don't want to accept that it's just a bad day and let my anxiety win. I recently read Maureen Johnson's post where she talks about her own anxiety and how she copes. She mentioned meditation. It's something I tried to dabble in earlier this year. But the app I downloaded was the same meditation over and over again and that gets boring. Headspace is something new every day. I'm planning on upgrading to their paid subscription. I'm hoping I'll soon see a difference.

So, I'll hold myself responsible and check back on these goals in September.