Recent Favorite Reads

Here's a round-up of recent reads I've enjoyed.

After watching the first few episodes of The White Queen on Amazon, I was hooked. I read through all the books in the Cousins' War series (save the last one, I haven't gotten to it yet). The White Queen is my favorite because Elizabeth Woodville is my favorite "character". Cunning, beautiful and some say witchy, I think she's a fascinating person from history.

All The Light We Cannot See I picked up this book during a recent trip to Barnes & Noble. I thought it sounded interesting, and since I almost never buy hardcovers anymore, I joined the waiting list at my library. There were roughly 150 people ahead of me. It was worth the wait. Beautiful prose, set in my favorite time period and place, WWII Europe. I only wish the pacing had been a wee bit faster, as my attention lagged at times. But overall? A read worth the hype.

A Sarah Dessen book is like a comfortable, worn-in sweater. That said, her most recent book, Saint Anything seemed different to me. The subject matter was close to my heart. I understand what it feels like to live with someone else's bad decisions. I also related to Sydney, the invisible girl. I read this book in the whole of a Saturday afternoon-something I haven't done in a long time. Bravo, Sarah Dessen!

What books have you enjoyed recently?