House Work

Owning a house is a constant thing. There's always something that could be done. When we bought our house five years ago, we tackled the immediate needs, like the fluorescent lights the homeowner had installed in every room. You know, like those ugly overhead lights you see in office buildings? There was one in our living room.
Over the years we've done various improvements but this year was gonna be a big one. We've been saving to get to several projects. The first was replacing rotting wood around our garage door. I haven't included a photo of that since it's not very exciting. It was a challenge, getting all those angles cut just right. But now that rotting wood is replaced with vinyl which will never suffer the same fate.

We also worked on our guest bathroom. This first picture isn't a completely accurate before, but it was what we'd lived with for five years. The walls were white and there was an ugly, humming fluorescent light fixture not unlike the kind you see in gas station bathrooms there when we bought the house. All of the bathroom hardware was cheap and didn't match.

And after!

My husband framed our existing mirror for only about $20 in supplies. The new faucet was purchased on sale at Costco. I also painted the vanity with chalk paint. Not pictured is new hardware and some artwork I created. You can see the watercolor cat silhouette shapes I made. They were easy and fun to do, then I slapped them in dollar store frames which I painted with chalk paint.

The bathroom isn't done yet, we still need to re-do the floor, install a new toilet and new shower hardware, but every time I walk in there, I'm reminded of our hard work and how much nicer it looks now! The whole project cost us less than $200 to do.