Midori My Midori

I've mentioned before how turning to paper to plan my days, jot down my thoughts, has resulted in a upward tick of creativity. Today I'm going to talk about my Midori Traveler's Notebook and how much I adore it.

Until a couple of months ago, I'd never heard one of these notebooks. To be fair, they're not notebooks at all. If you buy a Midori, you're not getting a notebook, but a cover. You can find them in plastic and fabric, but most Midoris are made out of leather. Mine was custom made by the etsy shop FoxyDori. She has so many choices I struggled with which colors to get, but I love my pink Midori with blue elastics. They also come in all manner of sizes, from the wee passport sizes, to sizes large enough for notebook paper. I got mine wide enough to hold beautiful notebooks from May Designs.

Speaking of elastics, you'll see the one going across the front, which holds the Midori inside. On the inside you'll find at least one elastic to hold your notebooks in place. My Midori came with two elastics, but I bought some elastics from Midori to insert more notebooks.

As you can see I have three notebooks inside my Midori. The first is my general journal, the second is my "the good stuff" journal, a running list of good stuff that happens to me. The last insert is my project management book. I use it to keep track of home projects, things I want to buy, etc.

Right now I'm using a Moleskine for my writing work. But once that notebook is used up, I'll switch to a notebook in my Midori.

If you're always misplacing notebooks, or love to draft long hand, you should look into a Midori!