Crafting Patience

Like many mothers, my mom bought craft projects to entertain my sister and I. She was an avid cross-stitcher, so she bought little hoops and children's patterns for the two of us. My sister aced it. I abandoned it half-way. I may or may not have thrown the damn thing across the room.
My origami projects were finished by my sister, who has a million times more patience than me. My mom and I settled on latch hook rugs. They were easy and I enjoyed making them.
Fast-forward twenty odd-years to my wedding. I had a wedding with lots of tiny details. It was personalized to the nth degree. But all of my craft projects were the laziest I could manage. Attaching ribbon to card stock, or small projects like that. Again, I farmed out the bigger stuff. A friend addressed the invitations in her beautiful script handwriting. My wedding planner helped with other stuff, too.
Now, at almost forty years old, I've found some of that patience I've been lacking all these years. I look through Pinterest and magazines and rather than saying, "oh, that would like nice," I'm actually making them a reality.
Like this sign:

My husband crafted the wood part out of pallet wood. We painted it with chalk paint (which is pretty much the best paint ever). I put washi tape on the letters. This is not as easy as it sounds. To make the pattern appear seamless, you have to line it up carefully. Then with tweezers, get tiny pieces into those bald spots, like in the tiny crook by the 'dot' in the J, or the loop on the T. I re-did the T four times. I thought that I would even paint it, it would be much easier. Then I tried it the fourth time and I loved it. I took pride as I lined up the tape and took an exacto knife along the curves to get a clean look. Every time I walk past this sign, it's a reminder that I didn't quit.
It's inspired me to take on an even bigger project-a gallery wall in my office. We'll see how that goes.

I guess it's never too late to become a more patient person. It's a good thing, because you need patience in spades to be a writer.