When Life Gets in the Way...Again

A few weeks ago, I had another one of those weeks. Okay, more than one week. Our car battery died. Our cat started bleeding all over the floor & we had to rush her to the vet. I had scheduled oral surgery that left me feeling out of it for nearly a week afterwards. Then our new heat pump took a dive.

Rather than focus on the crap that was happening, I tried to focus on the good. We had the money for these unforeseen expenses. Okay, that was fine, but I still beat myself up for not bouncing back from surgery. I gave myself two days to recover. On the third, I ventured out to the grocery store and nearly narfed down one aisle. I came home, beating myself up. I'd only had a tooth pulled, what was wrong with me?!

My husband told me that there was no need to beat myself up. That I would recover, and everything would be sorted in its own way. All of these little expenses have only made us more determined to keep our budget close to our vests. So that we have an emergency fund, and we're not spending money on crap we don't need.

I have a "get it done" attitude that can tend to bite me in the ass. Sure, it's good to push me on those days where I know I need to get stuff done, but then I end up pushing myself too far and end up sick and weak in the middle of the grocery store.

I've decided that there's no need to rush. My goals for querying again have been pushed back again. Not by much. I need to be in the right frame of mind, and as for now, I'm not in it. It doesn't help that winter is the worst for my anxiety. Time with my manuscript, and time spent in front of my "happy" light will hopefully pay off come spring.