Surrounding myself with Sentiments

I'm all for positive quotations and sentiments. Ever since I was a little girl, I've jotted down quotes and feel good sentiments. Maybe it's corny-I don't care.

A couple of months ago, I decided to embark on a project I've wanted to do for two years, and that was make over my office. I had cork boards filled with images of books I'd written years ago and shelved. I had prints saved on various wish lists and I'd just never gotten around to buying them.

I decided to keep my cork boards for now. I tore down the old papers and re-did them with decorative cards, papers and stickers. I bought another big pack of inspirational stickers at Michaels, so I may put up one more cork board. I'm also debating making the wall behind my desk into a big gallery art wall. I have a gallery wall of family photos in my living room that I'm always getting compliments on. After I discovered these DIY Gallery Art Pads, it made me think about going forward with it. All I would need are the frames.

If you search on Etsy, you can find numerous inspirational prints. Seriously, I probably sent a full day going through them to find prints for my office. I'm obsessed with gold prints, and Etsy is positively lousy with them.  I started with two for now, but I'll probably pick up another one or two for my gallery wall. I have these hanging on the wall right by the door of my office, so I have to see them as I leave.

I also keep a mason jar of various positive quotations on my desk. I know the sentiments are worthless without the work. Which is why I like to surround myself with them as I'm working.