Creative Outlets Other than Writing

Back in November, I was at a brick wall. I was about to query the last batch of agents with my now-shelved book. I really wasn't feeling it. One of the agents I would be querying was my dream agent. I'd become pretty immune to rejection. I filed them away and marked them in my spreadsheet and moved on. I knew an instant, form rejection from this person would sting. Would I move on? Of course. I just couldn't face it at that moment.

My husband listened to my whinging and said, "why don't you take a week off from writing. Focus your energy somewhere else." Someone else giving me the permission to do that (not that I needed it, but you get my drift) was a weight off my shoulders.

I spent the week reading, and recharging my batteries. Somehow I found myself on a you tube video talking about planners. I've always used paper calendars. I do the calendar method to keep myself on track with writing and other goals (read more about that here). I have an upcoming post about planners coming, so I won't focus much on that right now. That world is a rabbit hole, and I found myself at Michaels getting journals, journaling cards and pens up the whazoo.

I ended up with a small journal to keep my positives in. 2015 is the third year I've kept a running list of all those little happy things that happen in life. I've decided to put them on paper this year, so I don't forget to look back at where I've been. In my journal, I jot notes. Use beautiful stickers and cards to illustrate how I'm feeling.

It has helped with my anxiety. I also feel better knowing writing isn't my only creative outlet.  Here's what a typical page in my journal can look like. On this day, I was reading Amy Poehler's brilliant book, "Yes, Please". There was a chapter filled with quotes about how there are no shortcuts to success. I filled two pages with them. It was literally the thing I needed to read at the time, so I wanted to be sure to get them down.

It's funny how silly things like washi tape, colored pens and pretty notebooks can make you happy. I did the digital thing for so  long. I still am. I use my phone for reminders, and still keep to-do lists there. But seeing it all laid out pretty, knowing I'll be able to read back on this time in my life decades from now, is such a happy feeling.