October Favorites

I didn't have too many favorites this month. I'm on a buying ban leading up to Christmas.

Book: The Runaway by Martina Cole
Martina's books are not for everyone. If you always have to have a character to root for, then her books are not for you. Even the 'good' characters are a bit shady. Most of her books take place in London's seemly underbelly. The Runaway is probably my favorite, and I've read about five of her books so far.

Scent: Plum Muscato and Almond Harvest Mist
This was an 'oops' purchase. I went into Bath and Body Works (hey, I admit I have a problem) looking to see if they had any of the fall wallflower scents out. I picked up a bottle of this and it is truly to die for. A sweet scent without being overwhelming. It's perfect for fall.


I'm a huge fan of sketch comedy, so it's no surprise I love Key and Peele. We're working our way through their older episodes on Amazon.


Yoga. I've been doing yoga off and on for seven years. I discovered the practice when I was living in DC. Even though I love classes (when I lived in the city, there was even a studio two blocks away) I got lazy with it. I've been suffering from random aches and pains so I decided to give it another go. I'm really liking Yoga With Adrienne's videos on You Tube.

Hope you had a great month!