Getting My Life Organized: Part Four

Organization isn't a static thing. You have to keep at it or you'll have a mess on your hands again. I'd organized my bathroom closet back in January. By July, it was looking crappy again. As was my makeshift make-up "battle station". I can't tolerate a certain amount of clutter, but this was going too far. I ventured to the Dollar Store in August to stock up on some new bins to take care of things. 

On the top shelf I have back-up products. My stockpiling nature goes beyond food. I like having backups of those products I use a lot of. These handled bins are great for someone like me, who's 5'4". Stuff would get lost on that top shelf and I'd have to summon my husband or get a step stool. 
The second shelf is medicine, and assorted beauty items. I store cotton balls in a huge mason jar. The third shelf is my lotions. I know it seems like a lot. I got rid of a lot of stuff I wasn't using. I got most of it dirt cheap during the semi-annual sales in June. 

As for my makeup, I have my brushes stored in mason jars. All my make-up that I use regularly is in a plastic container from the Container Store. My mini perfumes and other small goods are stored in a plastic bin from the Dollar Store. 

My husband got our garage organized, so I'd say our house is pretty well organized. We're not planning on any more projects this year. I'm hoping to renovate our master closet next year, so I'll get a proper "battle station". For now, I feel pretty good about the state of order.