Since I haven't done a favorites since June, I figured it was time to have an update.

A Lush store opened up about forty minutes from my house, so I was very excited to get back into the brand. I first discovered Lush about 13 years ago, during my first trip to Toronto. I wouldn't say I've been a loyal fan of the brand that entire time. I started buying from them again last year, when I was looking for a shampoo that helps with oily hair. Lush's haircare is the best! I love their Roots hair treatment for fine hair. I use it once a week. African Paradise is a body conditioner. I use it a couple of times a week. It's so nourishing you don't have to use a lotion when you get out of the shower. I do anyway, just because I hate, hate dry skin. Grease Lightening is a wonderful spot treatment for acne. I had a stressful summer, so I was breaking out all over the place!

It's fall wallflower time! Bath & Body Works has so many amazing fall scents this year. I may be a little obsessed (those even aren't all of my wallflowers, just my fall/winter scents!) I love having my house smell like fall. 


I love Stephanie Perkins. She's one of the few authors I still buy physical copies of their books. I guess I'm too obsessed with my Kindle. I devoured this book in just over a day!

I'm so excited to welcome fall!