Calendar Method Update

A little over a month ago I decided to try out the calendar method. Not only to monitor my writing progress (which, to be honest, is the aspect of my life I need the least "push" to get done) but a few other aspects. Eating at home. Working out. Monitoring my sugar intake (I'm not diabetic, but I need to watch my sugar). I also added special stickers for weekly goals, or hitting special goals. I finished my draft and handed it off to my husband in the middle of May. That day got a big fat Hello Kitty sticker.

Yes, Hello Kitty. I'm almost 40 and still love her. At this point, I doubt I will ever stop!

As silly as it sounds, the sticker method is working. I think about the day a little more clearly. I plan out the work aspects, to make sure I work long enough to get a gold or silver star. I will also put away a sugary treat if it's going to mean I won't get my sticker. It makes those few treat days a month worth it to me. I know I can have that Sweet Frog yogurt because I've been watching what I eat. Or I can take a lazy day and just read because I'm ahead of my writing goals. 

At the end of the month my calendar was covered in stickers. I hope to continue this momentum into the rest of the year.