Trying Out the Calendar Method

April was one big fail. Between some personal issues and tying up my re-written draft, my brain went to mush.

In a normal month, I run/walk about twenty miles. In April? Not even seven. My fitness level has fallen off. I need to get it back.

I also need to edit a draft like a mofo if I want to be back on track to query again in a couple of months. So, after seeing the lovely Victoria Schwab talk about this method (watch this to see her talk more about it) I decided to give it a whirl.

So, I went out to a craft store and bought a bunch of stickers. You'll need small ones to fit in on your calendar. I got them in the teacher supply section. They're called "incentive stickers". I got two colored stars for actual writing/revising work. Then query, blogging, and any other writing type of work that doesn't involve actual writing.

The funny ones are to mark when we eat at home (trying to eat out a LOT less from now on) and to mark the days I work out. This way I can look at my calendar at a glance and see where I stand.

Hopefully this will mean May is a super productive month. I'll update in a month and let you know how it goes.