Getting My Life Organized: Part Three

A couple months ago, we purchased a chest freezer for our garage. This one if you're curious. After years of only being able to buy as much frozen goods as I could store in my tiny fridge freezer, it has been a freeing experience.

I'm able to buy multiples  of things we use a lot, like frozen fruit, bread, and sprouted grain breads. I've also done a fair amount of freezer cooking. Preparing quick meals for the crockpot, like BBQ chicken, for instance. Or pre-cooking taco meat to save time.

If you're interested in giving this method a go, head over to Money Saving Mom's website. As of my writing this, there's a link on the front of the website for her freezer cooking guide. If it's gone, you can search her archives for a wealth of recipes and tips.

When you're just getting started, there can be a lot of work. But when you're trying to eat healthy, and eat more at home, having a freezer full of options is a great way to go. A happy accident from our getting a freezer is my husband realizing he doesn't need to have meat in a meal in order to enjoy it. He's eating a lot of veggie frozen entrees for lunch and we're eating more veggie dinners.

If you have an ALDI or a Trader Joe's in your area, they are a great place to go to stock up on freezer basics. And you can't beat Costco's Fridge to Freezer chicken breasts for flavor and the amount of chicken you get for the price!

I feel like I've accomplished most of my organization goals for the year. Anything else will probably just be small. It's nice to be able to check off such a major goal not even half-way through the year!