March Favorites

Another month, gone! Here's what I enjoyed in March.

Infusion Waters. I fully admit I used to drink way too much soda. Then I started drinking a lot of Crystal Lite, which is better, but still not great, if you're trying to cut sugar out of your diet. When I saw a set of infusion pitchers on sale at Costco, I had to grab them! I shoved in some berries and fruit infusion teas. This one pitcher is in the process of infusing. It's worth the wait until they finish! These are great for people like my husband who hate to drink water, as they give the water a mild, sweet taste.

My Wallflowers. I have two of these, one in my guest bathroom (where the stinky litter box of doom resides) and another in my kitchen. They give the whole house such a nice, fragrant smell. I still love my candles, but I'm super into these at the moment.

My beloved kitty Quincy has IBD. I will spare the TMI, but sometimes the wallflowers don't do enough to cover up certain smells. Glade's Lift Off scent is perfect for that extra layer of scent.


I have a new favorite author this month. Cara McKenna. I've read two of her books so far, and I just love her style. They're a little different than other in the genre. After Hours takes place in a psychiatric hospital. I'm working my way through her backlist.


The husband I just started watching Hannibal. For a network TV show, it's extraordinary! We're really digging it.

I don't have as many favorites this month, so I'll end this post with a photo of my little darling, Mia. Isn't she the cutest?

Hope you had a great month!