All Things Tea

I picked up my interest in tea late last year. I started drinking an herbal tea to help with symptoms of my PCOS, and herbal tea is also great for weight loss. I don't drink any weight loss teas, mind you, I just stay fuller longer after drinking a cup. I also have a massive sweet tooth, and I will turn to a cup of tea to fix that craving.

Never one to tip-toe into any new endeavor, I promptly went out and bought a ton of samples. Adagio Teas is the perfect spot to start if you're new to tea. They have samples of most of their teas, and they're within the two to six dollar range. You earn frequent cup points for each purchase and review you write. Once you have enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards to the site. They also have fun fandom mix teas, where fans make their own blends from popular fandoms like Doctor Who and Sherlock. 

Since I sometimes have up to five cups of tea a day (I usually average about 2-3) I had to get myself an electric kettle.  Sure, there's the microwave, but this kettle does the job to get your water to boiling faster that the old microwave. Best of all, it's now only $9.89 at Amazon!

Next thing you're going to need is a teapot, or a cup to brew your tea in. If you're using tea bags, you don't need this step. I have nothing against tea bags, but in my opinion, you get better flavor from loose leaf. 

On the left is the perfect mug from Davids Tea. There's a strainer inside, and the lid ensures you get a perfect cup. On the right is the ingeuniTEA from Adagio Teas. This is a super nifty thingambob. You put in your tea, your water, then just plunk it on top of your mug, and you get all the tea and none of the mess!

Lastly, you'll need something to store that tea in. I keep all of my samples from Adagio in a little bin, broken down between herbal and black teas. I have  my favorite teas in tins from Davids and Adagio, depending on what company I purchased it from. I put a chalkboard label on the front with the name, amount of tea needed and steeping time. 

It kind of be overwhelming to pick out teas. I'll never claim to be an expert, but I like most herbal teas (rooibos are my favorite) and I adore black teas, especially as an alternative to coffee. Adagio's Irish Breakfast tea is probably my favorite right now. I also love David's Ceylon Star, which is not currently available. It's got such a great flavor and never tastes exactly the same each time I brew it!

I've put myself on a tea buying ban for a few months, as I got so much tea for Christmas and in after Christmas sales. I will probably buy more teas come spring, when I start drinking more iced teas again. 

Hope you enjoyed learning about my tea habits!