January Favorites

January has been a month of new finds for me. I decided, in my late thirties, to finally give make-up a try. I'm the girl who didn't figure out what make-up she was wearing at her wedding until the day before and just bought whatever my bridesmaids and the Clinique lady told me would work.

How times change.

The main reason I took up the interest is because I want to have a good foundation look down, and to also find some products that would help with my oily skin. To say that my skin is oily is like saying Justin Timberlake is just a little talented. I have the double whammy of inheriting oily skin, but I also suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which messes with my hormones and makes me a one woman oil rig.

I've found supplements which help with the oil production, and I'm also altering my diet to help. But I've gotten serious about learning more, and this year I've jumped headfirst.

So, in regards to that, I fell into the world of Youtube beauty gurus. Oh my word, once you fall down that rabbit hole, you will never fall back out! Some of my favorite gurus are Miss Glamorazzi (Ingrid also suffers from the oil problems I do, so her recommendations are extra helpful), EleventhGorgeous (this sister duo are hilarious and they focus heavily on drugstore products, which is great) and Glamlifeguru. Tati is funny, knows her stuff, and oh my word, does she have a relaxing voice! She should narrate audio books.

Some of my favorite beauty discoveries this month:

Hourglass Immaculate Foundation. This stuff is not cheap. It's over $50! But if you go to Sephora, the ladies will match you and give you a sample. This stuff keeps me matte all day, and I can justify the price since I bought it with Christmas cash. I'm still on the hunt for a good drugstore foundation to help with oily skin, because I can't justify using this stuff every day.

Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar. This scent was made for me. Just a hint of sweetness, but with a lovely underlying jasmine-like scent. LOVE it!

Hair products: Batiste dry shampoo. This keeps my hair clean on the days I don't wash it. And then there's Not Your Mother's Knotty to Nice Detangler. Despite my fine hair, it still gets super tangled, and this stuff works a dream.

I also decided to try a new night time routine. A few months ago I started to have trouble falling asleep. So I started the hunt for things to help. I don't really want to take a pill (and while I like Melatonin, it made me have crazy dreams) so this is what I'm doing. I spray my pillow with Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist in Calming Lavender about fifteen minutes before bed, to give it time to absorb. Then right before sleep I put on Bath and Body Works Sleep lotion in Night Time Tea (the scent has been discontinued, but I grabbed an extra bottle in their recent semi-annual sale). They still have other scents in this line, though. So far, so good! I'm usually out within ten minutes.

I've also gotten back into candles. I used to be really into home fragrance, back when my husband and I first bought our house. Then I kind of grew bored with my tart burner and only turned it on a few times a year. I totally blame the Youtube beauty gurus for my new obsession!

All the candles are from Bath and Body Works, picked up on sale. Seriously, they're always on sale, so why pay retail? From the top: Raspberry Peach Macaron, Pumpkin Pecan Waffle (discontinued), Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut (it is HEAVENLY if you love sweet scents!) and lastly American Boardwalk

Lastly, books and TV!

I haven't finished that many books this month, I've been busy with writing and home projects, but my favorite of the month is:

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished  by Sarah MacLean. I think this is the best in the series, and oh my Lord, what a twist ending!

Last but not least, Sherlock's back!

Sherlock is one of the very few shows I still care about. I don't watch much TV, but I will never miss Sherlock. This season hasn't been as good as the others, but I'm still enjoying it a lot.

So, that's everything I've been loving this month! Hope the New Year has been good to you so far!