Writing Must-Haves

Every writer has those things that they can't write without. Mine shift from time to time, but here's my current roster.

Yes, there are the occasional times where I write in silence, but I need the music to keep me focused. Nothing beats that perfect song coming on while you're in the middle of writing a pivotal scene. I make playlists for every book I write, but I rarely listen to them while I'm writing. They're more for non-writing times, like when I'm writing. A song will come on that I associate with my characters, and it may give me a new idea or help break writing block. I mostly listen to Pandora. That Pandora One membership pays for itself in a month. I love not having ads to distract myself while I'm working. I created a station based on the Inception soundtrack and it's absolutely perfect for writing, as it's mostly instrumental music.

This nifty app provides further background noise for me. I could never write in a real cafe, the people are too distracting, but the cafe noise, cups setting down on tabletops, people chatting, well that's just what the doctor ordered for ultimate creativity.

Coffee or Tea
I'm an either or type of gal. I mostly drink tea nowadays, several cups a day. I love the ritual, and when I'm blocked or  need a break, I'll turn on the kettle and make myself a cup. While the tea is steeping, I'll usually find a way out of my block.

My Pets

This is Mia. She's the only non-senior cat in my house, and sometimes her urge to play gets too much for her to handle. She'll climb on my chair, or drop one of her toy mice at my feet until I pay attention to her. I've also found my fish are a wonderful way to relax, or to take my mind off writing for a few minutes. Just sitting in front of their tanks will lower my blood pressure until I'm ready to get back to work.