Getting My Life Organized

One of my main goals (I dislike the term resolution) for 2014 was to get my life organized. It's only January, but I think I'm off to a good start!

Earlier in the month, the husband I braved IKEA, otherwise known as the place where misery happens. Every time I've been to IKEA, there have been toddlers in meltdown mode, groups of people walking four deep across aisles, and general loudness. I decided this would not happen on this trip. Before we went, I checked whether the items I wanted were in stock on the IKEA website, since IKEA is about an hour away from our house, I didn't want to waste the trip. I wrote down where the items were located. Then when we arrived, we took the shortcut to the marketplace, zoomed through to the pick-up area and were out of there in less than fifteen minutes. YES!

My first purchase was this nifty little cart for the tea collection overtaking my kitchen, and my coffee maker and coffee pods.

It was only $25 and stores my tea canisters, tea bags and electric kettle.

Next up was my kitchen cabinets. This is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with the start so far. For Christmas, I got a collection of vintage inspired blue mason jars, and storage tops. You need these if you're going to use them for food storage, as the regular tops are made for food that's been properly preserved. Using these in my cabinets have freed up precious space.  I also use them for my make-up brushes. I use these chalkboard labels from Amazon. They're pricy, but worth it because they're so sturdy! On the other hand, those cheap chalkboard labels on my make-up brush jars are about as good as you'd expect them to be, coming from Target's One Spot. If you're going just for the look, they're fine. But I got chalkboard labels so I could swap things out easily without the hassle of changing the labels. I also use these labels on my tea tins.

I also got this kitchen storage set on Amazon. It's only $20 and it's worth ten times that amount for how it's organized my cabinets! I'm going to get a few more shelves to organize my other cabinets. 

Last up was my bathroom closet, which isn't interesting enough to merit a photograph, and my make-up collection. At IKEA, I got a Helmer organizer, which is perfect for make-up and nail polish organization. Just be sure to line it with shelf liner, or those polish bottles will go everywhere when you open the drawer!

My plans for the rest of the year are to organize the rest of the kitchen, get shelving units set up so we can store more food (our kitchen is really small, so this will probably go in the spare bedroom) and organize our garage. We're lucky that the previous homeowners installed a ton of shelves, we just need to get organized!

Wishing you good luck in all of our yearly goals!