2013 Goals

I'm a goal oriented person. I love to-do lists, and have one for every project. Yearly goals are a tougher pickle for me. I prefer shorter goals, in the three-six month range. But I set a few specific goals for myself at the start of the year and I even accomplished a few that I'd never have imagined a year ago.

Be Query-Ready.
This is a terrifying goal to check off, but I think after years of honing my craft and toughening my skin, I finally am! :nervous laugh: I guess we'll see how the next step goes.

Write Something Different.
I can check this one off, because I wrote in third person for the first time. I've written in first person since I was a kid, so it was nice to see that it wasn't reinventing the wheel. I worried that I'd be slipping into first person, and in the first few chapters, I did. But I got better, the longer I went along.

Be Positive
This is the goal I'm most proud of. I keep a list on my phone of "positives". A lot of them are silly. Like trying a new tea that I liked, or finishing a level of tough level of Candy Crush. But looking back over that list (especially on those inevitable dark days) keeps me happy and feeling very grateful.

Live Outside the Box
I can gold-star this one for sure. I took up running (over 100 miles ran in 2013 as I write this) made bread, even canned my own jam. I can't wait to see what new things I try in 2014!

I'll post my 2014 goals in the next few weeks.