Favorite Books of 2013 So Far

As I said in my blog post last week, I don't read as much as I once did. That doesn't mean that I'm not still falling in love with books. Here are a few of my books I've read so far this year (which I cannot believe is almost over! Where does the time go?)

Just One Day-Gayle Forman

I am an unapologetic Gayle fangirl. I loved If I Stay so much I named my cat Mia. Sure, I name all my fish after k-drama characters, but naming a cat after a literary character was a huge step for me. Just One Day did not disappoint. It was a brilliant coming of age story, and Allyson was a fully formed character. Sure, I didn't like her all the time, but that was the point. I admired her courage and her journey.

Eleanor & Park and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I hadn't heard of Rainbow's work before this year, and to be honest, when I first heard of Eleanor & Park, I wondered if it would be too tough of a read for me. There was also all the hype surrounding it, and I am always a bit hesitant about overly hyped books. 

In this case, E&P lived up to the hype, and it wasn't an easy read, but it was captivating. I read a lot of YA, but no book brought back those awkward memories like this one. 

Fangirl was a bit different, in a good way. Cath is a character I identify with 100%. I know what it's like to be elbows deep into fandom, to the point where it's negatively impacting your life. She's also an introvert who's a little bit afraid of the world and yep, I totally am the first and getting over the second. 

The Story Guy-Mary Ann Rivers

The low price point of this novella (only .99! A total steal) brought me in and I went in with mild expectations. I love when books surprise you, and this one totally did. I loved it so, so much. This little novella is filled with fully drawn characters, swoonworthy kisses and the obstacle the characters must overcome reminds is not typical romance fare. Ms. Rivers has won herself a fan for life in me!

About Last Night-Ruthie Knox

I have a confession to make-I'm a total Loveswept fangirl. I haven't read a book from this line that I haven't adored. I'd heard of Ruthie's work before this book went on sale, and since it was a Loveswept, I couldn't resist. An American in London, falls for "City" the guy she sees on the tube during her commute. It goes a thousand layers deeper than that, and was such a satisfying romance I'll be reading it again soon.

Me Before You-JoJo Moyes

This book! I could not believe the roller coaster ride Me Before You took me on. It was deeply romantic, and told a story that had me sobbing by the end. I almost never cry over books (well, unless your name happens to be Gayle Forman) so I must tip my hat to you for that one, Ms. Moyes. 

Rush Me-Allison Parr

I love a good football romance, and in my opinion, Rush Me is the best I've ever read. There's a headstrong heroine (who works in publishing, natch!) and a stubborn hero, but how they get to their happy ending was such a satisfying read. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.