About Me

While some kids wished for Cabbage Patch Kids, Tara Martin's sixth Christmas wish was for her very own writing desk.  Her love for writing began at an early age, and carried on through most of her life. She started writing her own stories on scraps of paper at an early age.

Tara packed away her dream to be a writer once she reached adulthood. The ideas never stopped, but she ignored them as she worked a series of uninspiring office jobs. Along the way she met her husband, settled down and decided maybe her dream of becoming a writer wasn't so crazy after all.

When she's not writing, she enjoys painting her nails every color of the rainbow, reading (romance of all genres and Young Adult novels are her favorite), cross-stitching, or crocheting.

You can find her toiling away at her desk in her house in Virginia, where she lives with her husband, cats, Betta fish and far too many books.